Islamic Business, Law & Society Program

Photo by James Walsh (Sem 27)

Applications Close: May 1st (August-January Semester), October 1st (February-June Semester)
Program Dates: Late-August to Mid-January, Mid-February to Mid-June
Costs: AUD$3120 (member university students), AUD$4160 (non-member/private participants)

ACICIS offers a semester-long program on Islamic Studies with the option to specialise in Islamic Business, Islamic Law or Islamic Society. Subjects are taught in English at Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) in Yogyakarta. This is a unique opportunity to study at an Islamic university in the world’s largest Muslim nation. UII is Indonesia’s oldest private university and was founded just weeks before the declaration of independence of Indonesia in 1945, by several of the young leaders of the independence movement including Muhammad Hatta, the first vice-president of the new Republic of Indonesia. Founded as a university, not as a school of Islamic study, UII combines rigorous academic investigation with commitment to Islamic law in all fields of study. Today, UII is a modern, progressive university located on several campuses in the north of Yogyakarta. UII has many Research Institutes, including Islamic Teaching, Information Management, Community Service and Human Rights. There are modern teaching facilities, cultural and sporting groups and many highly qualified teaching staff. Islamic values and customs shape the daily lives of the majority of students studying at UII, however, the atmosphere is very open and welcoming to people from all countries, cultures and religions. UII students and teaching staff come from a diverse range of cultural and academic backgrounds. The intellectual atmosphere, while significantly influenced by Islam, can be described as modern and liberal. 
ACICIS students will be part of the International Program and will attend classes primarily at the Faculty of Economics, which has its own campus in Condongcatur, Yogjakarta. The Faculty is easily accessible by public transport and all other important services and facilities are close by. Subject choices available to ACICIS students are divided into three main thematic areas.

Islamic Business 
Students can study a number of subjects including Syariah Financial Accounting and Business Ethics from an Islamic Perspective. The experience will give participants greater insight into the Indonesian economy, and a deeper understanding of how Muslim values and laws can and do affect approaches to business, particularly in Indonesia.

Islamic Law 
Students can study subjects such as Introduction to Islamic Law and Islamic Criminal Law to gain an understanding of Islamic legal principles and issues. Participants will learn about the historical development of Islamic Law and its contemporary application in an Indonesian context.

Islamic Society 
Subjects such as Islamic Teaching (Religious Practice) and Islamic Thought & Civilization allow students to explore the relationship between religion and society and gain an understanding of the important role that Islam plays in the lives of most Indonesians. Students can also enrol in an introductory Indonesian language unit in order to develop basic communication skills. Arabic Language and Culture is available through the Faculty of International Language and Cultural Study.

Internship Option
The Islamic Studies Program offers ACICIS candidates a credited internship module (worth 6 credit points), which enables students to put their studies into practice and to gain real-world experience outside of the classroom. In addition to completing the required number of internship hours, students are required to write a work report of between 3000 and 4000 words and present their report in an end of semester class seminar.
Internship placements include:

  • Bank Syariah Mandiri
  • Legal Aid and Consultation Institute
  • Institute for Human Rights Studies  
  • Wahana Linkungan Hidup Indonesia  (WAHLI – Friends of the Earth Indonesia)
  • Various legal firms and partners
  • Unisi FM
  • Yogya International Hospital

ACICIS requires students to study at least 12 credit points and no more than 15. Most subjects at UII are worth 2 or 3 credit points, so students typically take four to six subjects per semester. Students will be enrolled in regular degree program courses alongside Indonesian peers. All courses are delivered in the English language.
Islamic Studies Program Details