Globe Asia magazine

JPP students during an Indonesian language class at Atma Jaya University in 2009.Globe Asia is a premium business monthly that covers a range of topics (business news, entrepreneur and company profiles, politics, foreign economic affairs, lifestyle pieces etc). While a business reporting background is not necessary, an interest in business reportage will help candidates. Interns should endeavour to read through a number of Globe Asia back issues to get a feel for the magazine and work hard to bring themselves up to speed on contemporary business affairs during their first weeks in Jakarta (or better still, pre-departure). Discuss story ideas with the Project Officer so that when you walk in on the first day it is with four stories to pitch to the editors.
The Globe Asia office is a relaxed work environment with very friendly people. It may seem a bit laid back at times - that is, until deadlines start approaching. Help is always on hand at Globe Asia; you just need to ask. All that students really need for this placement is initiative and persistence. You have to pitch stories as they will not be provided by editors. You then have to follow them through by contacting your sources. Globe Asia can provide you with quite an impressive list of contacts, but depending on your story you may have to do all the hard work yourself. As one student in 2009 said, ‘interviews can be frustrating if you have limited Indonesian language skills, but with persistence you will find ways of getting around language barriers’.

Intern Duties

  • Researching and writing stories. In 2009 students pitched and researched four stories each with two of these being selected for publication. They also worked jointly on one piece for the monthly edition.
  • After all the raw copy is in for the next edition students will be put on proofing/copy editing duties.

Specific Requirements

  • A desk is provided but a laptop is essential.
  • A digital camera and digital recorder for doing interviews.

Work hours

Monday-Friday, 10am to 5.30pm


The Aston apartment tower is located behind Atma Jaya University. About as central as it gets. A kos in Benhil or Karet will see you within a ten minute walk to work.

Student stories


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