Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP)

Applications Close: July 1, 2014 (first round), October 1, 2014 (second round)
Progam Dates: 2 January-14 February 2015
Costs: AUD$3120 (member university students), AUD$4160 (non-member/private participants)

Australian Foreign Minister visits 2012 DSPP program

The DSPP is a six-week internship program conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia. The program runs from early January to mid-February. It is open to students of development studies and other related areas. The program is designed for students who may not necessarily have Indonesian-language skills or experience in Indonesia. The DSPP provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable experience working in the field of international development.

The Indonesian economy has grown strongly in recent decades and has largely recovered from the economic crisis of the late 1990s. Nonetheless a significant proportion of the country’s population still lives below the poverty line. The democratic credentials of the country have grown remarkably in that past decade, but the pace of political reform continues to outstrip that of basic service provision in a country of 230 million people. Efforts to sustain economic growth have put renewed pressure on Indonesia’s natural resources and put the country at the centre of current climate debates. In short, the country faces a variety of important development challenges that demand the attention of various actors in the development sector. The DSPP offers an opportunity for students to engage with these issues while also developing important practical skills related to advocacy, public relations, administration, research and reporting.

The program consists of a two-week academic program hosted by Atma Jaya Catholic University, followed by a four-week industry placement. The academic program is a mixture of Indonesian language tuition (40 hours) and seminars on contemporary and industry-relevant themes (20 hours). Host organisations for the month-long industry placement include international aid programs (AusAID), major managing contractors (Cardno Emerging Markets, Coffey), international NGOs (Oxfam, CARE, WWF), and key local NGOs (Elsam, SMERU). Participating host organisations can accommodate the full spectrum of development sector interests, from advocacy and gender rights, to the environment. As an assessed program, the DSPP is designed to meet requirements for work-integrated learning modules and other practicum-based course components. It is a competitive entry program with a limit on the total number of participants (approximately 25 participants per program).

The program is managed by an appointed industry specialist who serves as the DSPP Program Officer. Assoc. Professor Andrew Rosser of Adelaide University held the position for 2011-2012, with Dr. Emily Rowe serving as DSPP Program Officer in 2013.

The DSPP Program Officer for 2015 is Tim Mann.Tim will be overseeing all aspects of the 2015 DSPP. For his full profile see here.

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